Our focus is on diagnosing and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. We elevate our patients’ health and wellness through our holistic and patient-centered approach, helping people of all ages live more actively and fully. All of our services are all-natural and non-surgical.

Motion Analysis (or Motion Palpation) is a chiropractic technique used to locate spinal misalignment and restrictions in motion allowing the chiropractor to target problem areas. This is typically the first step in a chiropractic adjustment.

During Motion Analysis, your chiropractor will feel your spine as your joints are taken through their range of motion. The chiropractor will be checking for the relationship between neighboring vertebra, and for proper (or improper) movement in the spine.

Diversified Adjusting is the most commonly used technique among chiropractors. The Diversified Adjustment technique is done by applying gentle pressure to restricted joints in order to increase mobility. This can sometimes result in a “pop” — similar to cracking your knuckles — as gas between the misaligned joints is released. After an adjustment, clients tend to notice a restored range of motion and lowered pain levels.

Trigger Point therapy is a technique used to relieve muscle pain. First, trigger points are located through a physical examination. Then, the chiropractor applies direct pressure to the trigger point itself, allowing hypersensitive muscles to relax. This almost always results in an immediate decrease in pain.

The Activator Method is an adjustment technique performed using a tool called the Activator Adjusting Instrument. As the client relaxes, the Activator Adjusting Instrument is used to apply quick, low-force pressure to problem areas. This technique is used to treat both common and chronic back pain and results typically results in immediate relief.

The Flexion-Distraction technique is based on the use of motion to relieve joint pain. This technique is particularly effective in the treatment of chronic pain. During Flexion-Distraction therapy, the client lays on a segmented table as the chiropractor takes them through a series of motions. As these gentle manipulations are performed, sections of the table will move to increase the range of motion. This technique ultimately results in realigning the joints.

Spinal Decompression therapy is a technique used to treat chronic back pain. During Spinal Decompression, the client is placed comfortably on a special table which gently stretches and relaxes the spine. This takes pressure off of overworked spinal discs and allows for movement of water, oxygen, and other nutrient-rich fluids, resulting in pain relief and promoting healing.

Light Therapy is the application of a specific wavelength of light — most typically infrared — to injured soft tissue in order to promote healing. The theory behind light therapy is that certain wavelengths of light can be used to trigger the natural healing processes in the body. Although this therapy is relatively new, it has shown many promising results in clinical studies.